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Henry's Smile

Today is World Pet Memorial Day, I thought that perhaps we could all use some comfort and joy in our lives. I wanted to share Linda's touching story of how this smiling face offered her comfort and joy at a time of great loss. “I adopted Henry May 5th, 2012, or should I say he adopted me! I went to a rescue event at PetSmart and they had a bunch of puppies to choose from. They were “Lab Mixes”, which was what I knew I wanted. He caught my eye in a pile of puppies as he was the only “red” one. I just loved his color! So I said,”That’s the one,” and off we went home to our new adventure! …Henry was my first dog…We had many great adventures and he introduced me to many good friends in my neighborhood who I never might have if we weren’t out walking our dogs…So in 2014 my sister died suddenly and I have to say that without Henry I’m not sure how I would have survived. I’m not sure exactly how to put it in words, but he comforted me in ways I don’t think any human could. Being responsible for him and getting out of the house with him for walks and trips to the dog park helped to keep me in a routine that I really needed at that time. Then in May 2016, the same day my Mom came home after months in rehab for a broken hip, Henry was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He was only 4 years old! …So on to what I refer to as “Henry’s BIG Adventure”. Once diagnosed, I found a great Oncologist for him and we quickly got him into remission. He never even seemed sick. And I call it the “Henry’s Big Adventure” as every Tuesday I would drop him off on my way to work at the local Vets office and they would transport him by van to the Oncology Center at their other office (about 1 hr away) for his chemo or check ups! He stayed in remission for about 8 great months! Unfortunately then he relapsed and the second course was not as effective. I did have another 8 months with him, but he did pass peacefully outside with me and the staff who had cared for him in Oct 2017. So my house was quite lonely without Henry, especially after caring for him daily for so long. I didn’t know much what to do with myself but I carried on and I knew one day soon I would bring another big goofy dog into my life…the universe works in mysterious ways and I ended with a black and tan Potcake which I rescued while on vacation in the Turks and Caicos in December 2017! I often say Gracie is “no Henry” but I love her just the same!” Thanks Linda for sharing your story! #PetStoryProject


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