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Cat Mural tells story of how “It was meant to be" that Bowers found his forever home.

Cat mural at Richmond SPCA
Detail of Cat Mural of Bowers at Richmond SPCA lobby

Detail of the Mural of Bowers in the Lobby of the Richmond SPCA and video of me painting it in April.

Anne used to work at the Richmond SPCA in Public Relations. Part of her job was to take pets to the local media to help get them adopted. That is how Anne met Bowers. A 5 or 6 year old gorgeous Tabby Maine Coon, Bowers had arrived at the Richmond SPCA as a transfer from Chesapeake, Virginia ahead of a hurricane. Anne fell in love with Bowers but she feel she could not adopt him since her husband was allergic to cats. She felt a sense of relief when Bowers got adopted. However, before leaving on her vacation, she told her friends at the SPCA that if he got returned, she would adopt him. As fate would have it, the person who had adopted Bowers was older and was afraid of falling since Bowers kept getting under foot. So in 2019, Bowers was adopted by Anne and her husband. Four years later, Anne reports that her husband is doing well on allergy pills and Bowers is “on the cusp of being friends” with their dog, Toby. Bowers is truly a chill cat who is not aloof but loves observing and purring. He loves to be brushed and play with his wand toy. Now happily in his forever home, Anne shared that they feel as if Bowers has been with them forever.

This Cat Mural in the lobby of the Richmond SPCA is in honor of Bowers. Thanks to Anne Goddard Rand and her husband for their generous donation to the Richmond SPCA Cinderella Fun at the 2022 Fur Ball and sharing your story about sweet and beautiful Bowers!


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