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It has been a while since I have been able to post to my PetStoryProject, Passion projects often get put on the back burner while I attend to commissioned work. But I was so moved by Jon Stewart sharing about losing his best boy Dipper on @thedailyshow, I wanted to make a portrait of Dipper in thanks for his sharing the depth of feelings that many of us relate to. He told the story of helping out at a shelter @animalhaven in New York and coming home with this sweet 1 year old Brindle pit bull who had lost a leg when he got hit by a car in Brooklyn. He shared how Dipper joined him at work with the other OG dogs at the Daily Show I couldn't help but tear with him as he told the story and how Dipper had just gotten tired, so tired. He finished up with his moment of Zen video showing three-legged Dipper playing with a ball in the snow. And he wished for us all to have a chance to have a special dog like this. My own furball Coconut is about to turn 15 on St. Patrick's Day. I can see he is getting increasingly tired. I know I will be an absolute mess when I lose Coconut, so I found it comforting to see a high profile figure share so honestly about the depth of emotion he felt for his best boy Dipper. From the overwhelming response on the news and social media, many people were moved by this shared story. There is not too much to bring our divided country together these days - but stories like this and dogs in general do bring us together. I hope to give this portrait to Jon Stewart via the Daily Show as a thank you and as a small reminder like he said,"that social media isn't entirely a cesspool...just mostly." :). Working on the PetStoryProject has been very fulfilling as it gives people a chance to feel heard and have their feelings validated. Several recipients of my portraits have said they were one of the best gifts they ever got. I hope this small act of kindness hopefully makes a difference.


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