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"God sent you this puppy."

Thanks to Antoinette for sharing her moving story about her rescue dog, Toby. Her kindness was repaid with his loyal and dutiful love to you and your Dad. As we approach the first Father's Day since your Dad passed away, I am thinking of you. May Toby continue to be a source of comfort and companionship for you.

“This is Toby Eure Rogers. He is a 16 year old Maltese mix. Toby came to live with me and my Dad after his owners (my uncle and aunt passed). He lived in Portsmouth, VA The people who were supposed to take care of him after his owners passed didn't. He was unkempt, malnourished, frightened and anxious. He was ready to leave them, so he readily came with me back to Richmond and we have been happy for the last 6 years. One of my mentors often reminds me that "God sent you this puppy". She is so right. Toby has been my loyal companion. He was dutiful in watching over my elderly father. After waking up in the morning, the first thing Toby would do was go to my Dad's bedroom to check on him. We lost my Dad in January. We miss him so much. Toby has been my company and little protector. Grateful that we are in each other's life.” #PetStoryProject


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