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Rescue from Dead Dog Beach

“Just who rescued whom?” Thanks to Francine for sharing about her rescue dog, Lily.

“Lily is our rescue from Puerto Rico. She was found on “dead dog beach” and I picked her out of a line up and had a company ship her up to NJ. SHE IS HEART AND SOUL. She is pure preciousness. Learned how to survive some how. She has taught us how to slow down and enjoy simple things. She has taught us all to be kind and and compassionate always. A true rescue all around.”

Her story sums up much of my curiosity behind the Pet Story Project - I want to explore how our "pets" are often the ones who ironically teach us lessons and show us how to be better human beings.

Please share a picture of your furry family member and what they have taught you for #PetStoryProject. Thank you Francine for "rescuing" Lily and thanks to Lily for the valuable the lessons she shared with her family.

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