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First impressions can be misleading

Thanks to Ashley for sharing about her rescue dog, Sissy. It is a great reminder that first impressions can often be misleading and there is often more to the story.

"This is Sissy. A few years ago I would walk my other pup and this girl would come out barking. I’d yell at her to leave us alone. I thought she was an aggressive, “bad” dog. I was going to call animal control for a welfare check. A neighbor asked me to wait because he was trying to socialize her. Her previous family abandoned her in the dead of winter and I had no idea. I went and threw a ball with her and rubbed her belly and she came home with me that very night. My husband came home the next day with food bowls. I knew then that we belonged to her."

Thanks Ashley for giving Sissy a second chance and a wonderful home! #PetStoryProject

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