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"When I got divorced, he was my best best friend."

Memorial Mondays, I would like to highlight stories about some of our furry family members who have passed away. Thanks to Angie for sharing her story about her dog Albert demonstrating how dogs can get us through such tough times and how their spirit lingers on with us.

“I got Albert as a rescue. He ran directly to me and that’s when I knew he was "my dog." He drooled everywhere. I had a basket full of what I called "slobber towels" for him - but he was so sweet. He had soulful eyes that were so expressive. He was very protective of me. He was a really good dog and knew when I was sad. When I got divorced, he was my best friend. He got me through a pretty hard time. While he needed medicines for a seizure disorder, he was always ready to play and chase his tennis ball. He would even fall asleep with it in his mouth. He loved using his doggie door but would always poke his head back in to check on me. About a year after Albert passed away, I found Freddie, a cat dodging cars. I opened my car door and Freddie jumped in. Freddie does several behaviors that are unlike any other cat that I have had - he drools, he follows me around and nips at my heels, he checks on me. All of these things remind me of Albert.”


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