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Want to Play???

We all know that look...the one that says, "Want to Play?" If you are like me, those warm puppy dog eyes staring up at you in this pleading way are absolutely irresistible! Dogs teach us so many lessons on how to be better humans. While we humans are always so busy, our dogs remind us that taking a break to play is so very important. Since I work out of my home studio, I have my Shih Tzu, Coconut, to nudge me to stop and play. His whines or barks remind me that it is time to get up from the computer or step away from the easel. Coconut never learned to play fetch properly, he prefers the game of "Chase me Mommy" where I chase him around the house like an idiot on all fours under the dining room table and through the living room, kitchen and den! A few minutes and many laughs later, I recognize that this was indeed a needed moment of joy. Tell me about your dog's favorite toys and the games they love to play. Submit your story to the Pet Story Project today!


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