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She was a reminder that life deserves to be celebrated

On this #MemorialMonday I thank Corinne for sharing the many lessons she learned from her dear Gypsie.

"For a Golden Retriever, life is just one big party and that certainly was true for Gypsie. With those swinging hips, an ever-wagging tail, and that irresistible pleading look in her eyes, she was a wonderful dog and brought us much joy in the 11 years we had her. I think she often hinted at what really mattered. She was my 40th birthday gift and a reminder that life deserves to be celebrated. We took her most everywhere with us until the end—hiking in the mountains, swimming at the beach, on camping trips, and on long road adventures across the Canadian border. As faithful and loyal a companion as one could wish for, she followed me around the house and slept by my side at night, reminded me of the benefit of long walks by the river, and of the importance of greeting everyone with a smile, of welcoming friends with excitement and of sharing what I own. For Gypsie, that meant her favorite bone, one of the many bones she then went on burying in the yard. Of all the lessons our furry companions teach us though, the most important one to me is that ability to live in the moment. Gypsie surely did. Worry-free, goofy at times, she could not have cared less about her expanding waist and messy hair, or about keeping up with the Joneses. For as long as she was with her pack, she enjoyed the ride. And boy, what a ride!" #PetStoryProject

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