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We learned it's not ok to "swallow our feelings."

Thanks to my dear friend Jodie for sharing her lovely tribute to her dear Zig for this #MemorialMonday for my #PetStoryProject.

"Sir ZigZag of Aspenlake - RIP 7/16/2006 - 7/29/2018

We knew you before you were even born as the puppy of Tango from Sharon and David's litter. We teased early on that we wanted a black and tan lab as Randy always loved Dobies and Rotts so when you entered this world with your trademark black Z on your face we fell in love. And our one puppy for the family (Dot) became two.

Affectionately we called you "Defect" but when we finally knew we were taking you home you earned the title of Sir ZigZag of Aspenlake.

You never met a body of water you didn't love just like your friend and buddy, James. You would dive and fetch over and over until you collapsed from the effort and joy. You would find a puddle, a lake, a pond, any body of water and dive in with such gusto while your sister, Dot, looked on.

We referred to you as our "Million Dollar Dog" because we became "frequent flyers" at the Emergency Vet. When stressed or happy, or just about any other time, you liked to chew and swallow... but socks, underwear and twine would just get stuck. We asked if the vet could put a zipper in as you never outgrew this habit.

You had a heart that was huge and joyful, but also sensitive and concerned.

You taught us to check in with each other as you were always making sure we were ok. We learned it’s not ok to ‘swallow our feelings’ - a term you took quite literally. And you taught us joy in its most beautiful and pure form.

We loved you with all of our hearts and will miss you every day, every hour and every minute.

It’s been 2 years but you are still part of our daily family."

(Sorry my phone ran out of battery before finishing the video of the painting!)


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