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Dogs really connect us

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

One of the best things about social media is reconnecting with friends from your childhood. My friend Andrea lived down the street and around the corner in my neighborhood. I still remember many warm summer days riding my bike to her house and having tons of fun playing in her pool. At the start of this project, she shared a picture of her dog, Daisy, who is evidently a wonderful cuddler. She also mentioned that she still remembered my dog, Bootsie. I thought that it was really wonderful that after all these years, she still remembered my dog - and his name. Dogs really do connect us and evoke powerful memories. Bootsie was a wonderful, goofy Lhasa Apso (who had some questionable habits due to our failure in training) but I loved him dearly. Anyhow, thank you, Andrea for sharing a picture of your sweet Daisy for the #PetStoryProject. I am so glad we are connected via Facebook and got to share such fun childhood memories.

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