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A healing inheritance.

Unfortunately, many of us have experienced the loss of one or both of our parents. As friends have shared with me for the #PetStoryProject, an unexpected theme has emerged where friends have taken over the care of their parents’ beloved dogs. Thanks to Colleen Stevens

for sharing about how Nickie and Bear entered your life at such a difficult time but proved to play an important role in the healing process.

"Nickie and Bear belonged to my mom and dad. I helped care for my mom who had Alzheimers for seven years and during that time my dad also got diagnosed with lymphoma. It was a rough few years as I cared for both of my parents while still working full time. I took over Nickie and Bear's care in 2017 and after my parents passed away, I gave them their forever home. Nickie and Bear have definitely been a big part of the healing process. Animals are wonderful. Nickie is a 9 year old Pomeranian and Bear is 7. Both were rescues. Nickie is sweet and sassy and she is the boss of everyone. She bosses Bear and my Maine Coon cat, Goose, around even though she is half their size! At 6.5 pounds, she is tiny but mighty. She loves to whirl around in circles like a Tasmanian Devil. Lol! Bear is sweet and playful. He loves his fur siblings and his toys. He rarely ever meets a stranger. Bear especially loves our mail carrier, Melanie and even jumps in the mail truck with her sometimes. Nickie and Bear love going on car rides. They especially love going to visit my aunt Colleen and her husband Louie."

It sounds like Nickie and Bear have been a great source laughter and healing. Here are my pastel portraits of Nickie and Bear.


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