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A co-worker's dream job leads to finding a dream dog.

Thank you to Libby for sharing about her dog, Jack.

“Jack is my first dog as an adult. My family got a dog - a Golden Retriever-when I was 13 (Molly was 12), and he was truly our family Dog. I went away to U of R and the other 2 Goldens my father subsequently adopted were really my father’s. I adopted Jack when he was 5 months old and got him from a pharmacy technician, who lived in Greensboro, NC, who had just got her “dream job” with Amazon all the way across the country in California. She realized that it would not be the best thing to haul this little energetic puppy cross country. She worked all the time as it was and had trained Jack to stay in a little dog pen and to use puppy pads. So, I picked him up on Halloween 2019 and after that, Jack traveled back and forth with me from RVA to Raleigh (where my company’s corporate office is) until the pandemic hit. Jack went to a dog sitter in Raleigh during the day while I worked, and kept me company in the hotel at night! My mom couldn’t believe I was “paying daycare” again, especially since my kids were young adults…but I just couldn’t leave him home or in the hotel alone all day! He is very energetic and loves to play with other dogs and toys. He gets along well with our Calico, Charlie but when she gets outside in the backyard, I have him go and “herd” her back into the house.”


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