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The dog of my heart.

Thank you to Chrissy, my dear friend and apartment-mate from our University of Richmond days for sharing this beautiful tribute to her dear Ellie for #MemorialMonday as a part of the #PetStoryProject. I hope this portrait honors the devotion and love you felt for each other. (Unfortunately, I didn't get to shoot the final stage of the painting, but here is beginning of the drawing and painting process).

“When we lost our first family dog, Sugar, I thought I could wait a while before getting another pet. After all, I had two small children at home, so there was plenty to keep me occupied! However, I only lasted about a week before the absence of toenails clicking across the floor bothered me so much, I sent my husband to the local shelter. He came home with Ellie, a year old Spaniel/hound mix. She fit into our family immediately and even won over my dog-disliking mother! Ellie was always ready to go on an adventure with one of the kids or just snuggle up on the couch or bed. As she aged, she developed stiff and painful joints, but she still followed me everywhere- I would try to sneak out of the room when she appeared to be in a deep sleep because I felt so badly when she would haul herself up just to accompany me to the bathroom or the refrigerator! She lived with us for 15 of her 16 years and everyone who met her, loved her. Sadly, cancer ravaged her poor body and her decline was swift. It was a privilege to be with her when she crossed the rainbow bridge and I still think about her every day. I call her “the dog of my heart."


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