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Parenthood training via Dachsunds

If you haven't had a chance to read October 5th's #MemorialMonday post for the #PetStoryProject, I hope you will take a few minutes to do so. Thank you to Kristin for writing such a wonderful tribute to Mac and Sam, who offered her and her husband Bryan their first taste of parenthood. I had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know Kristin and Bryan several years ago while painting a mural of Mac, Sam and their third Dachsund, Liddy, on the walls of their nursery. I think so many people can relate to how these fur babies often teach us very valuable lessons that we can use when parenting our human children! Over my 25 year career, I have included many of my clients' dogs and cats in the murals I have painted and it always brings me such joy! One of the other great joys in my career has been times like this when clients of mine turn into friends!

Above are some pictures of the mural and a short video of the original sketches and "in process" photos!


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