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National Pet Memorial Day

Today is National Pet Memorial Day. Those of us who have loved and lost a pet know that the impact they have on us is deep and everlasting. They are gone but truly never forgotten. My friend Amy commissioned this portrait as a gift for her friend, Suzanne, who recently lost her beloved Beagle. Thanks to Suzanne for sharing her story for the #PetStoryProject

“When we adopted Lazzie, he was already a few years old and had been with at least two other families. We knew, however, when we interacted with him at the shelter, that he was our dog, and I believe he was just waiting for us to find him and bring him home. Lazzie was the ultimate “omega” dog – he got along with all people and other animals, and would pretty much let them walk all over him unless there was food involved (a true beagle). Lazz could be mischievous, and one of our favorite stories revolves around how, after we left the family room, he used the remote to turn on the gas fireplace on two different occasions, and in each case we came back in the room to find him just relaxing in front of the fire. Overall, Lazzie was a character, and just the best dog you could hope for – a true member of the family. We miss him terribly, and your portrait of him will help us keep that memory (and that look of his) alive!


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