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I have his ashes on my dresser.

Thanks to Jason for sharing about your Max for our #MemorialMonday for the #PetStoryProject.

"Maximus K. (Keuhnelian - my wife’s maiden name) Feinman aka Max. My wife had a co-worker whose friend had a dog they needed to surrender because his new fiancé was allergic to dogs. He had been rescued from the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington. Max was a very dominant dog and it took him some time to get used to me. I used to come home from work all grimy because I was a sprinkler fitter back then and I wore a cap sometimes. He would bark like crazy, so, the previous owner told me to lie down and play with him so he could be dominant and I wouldn’t be threatening to him. He was about a year old with a lot of puppy playfulness in him. He would grab the hat off my head and make me chase him…he would bite my arm lightly, then I would grab his sides and he’d run like crazy around our dining room table to “chomp” my other arm…then he proceeded to do what we called a “cha-cha” dance on his bed where he would dig his paws in while twisting one way and then doing it the opposite direction two or three times. My wife and I would be cheering him on, Go Maxie go!"

He did had some questionable habits. "If you left him alone for too long, he would leave a little bit of vomit to let you know he wasn’t pleased with you! He also had a tendency to grab my wife’s hair scrunchie and grab shoes that were kept by the door, a habit similar to my wife’s late dog Jesse, who was also part German Shepherd. But Max really loved to jump up and down so we joked that he was actually part German Shepherd and part “kangaroo” lol! Max really loved the outdoors ...and barking at the mailman every day without fail.

Max became the dog of 1000 funny names courtesy of my wife. He was Chewna aka Chewna wakka schnookie, aka Feenu aka Ikky. He travelled everywhere… He went through 3 different moves with us, from suburban, to urban and then rural. Max was with us when we adopted our son Jonathan as a newborn down in Louisiana. Jonathan loved Max very much. We all did. He was so loyal and a great watchdog. I have his ashes on my dresser."

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