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Honoring Rescues

To fully honor rescue stories, I feel it is fitting to close with Robin Starr, who led the Richmond SPCA as their CEO for 22 years and after retiring is continuing on as a member of the Board of Directors. Robin’s vision and leadership at the Richmond SPCA has helped rescue countless dogs and cats and as we have alluded to in previous stories, these “rescues” often go both ways! Connections were made and animal and human lives were forever changed through these adoptions. I met Robin back in the spring of 2013 when I had the wonderful opportunity to paint a mural for her sunroom in her beautiful home. The mural highlighted her dogs and cats. In fact, my interest in pet portraits stems from 25 years of mural painting where many of my clients had me work their dogs and cats into their murals. This scene captured the beauty of Richmond’s spring with cherry blossoms that never fade or fall along with birds(including a Robin), bees, butterflies, and even a precocious mouse running along the baseboard as a whimsical detail. I feel lucky to call Robin both a client and a friend. Thank you for your incredible service that has benefitted so many - and for sharing your story about Dixie and Duke.

“Well, of course, all of mine are rescues. Here are two of them, our beloved Duke (the black lab) and Dixie. Duke was deserted at the Amelia County Animal Shelter by his prior owners who reportedly never even looked back. I will never know why or how anyone could desert a dog so sweet and gentle as he is. Dixie was one of litter of puppies that were brought to the Danville Animal Shelter. The Richmond SPCA transferred both Duke and Dixie into its care from the rural shelters where they might have lost their lives and we have been so fortunate as to be their family ever since." #PetStoryProject

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