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Every dog deserves a chance

On National Rescue Dog Day, several of you were generous in sharing about your experiences. Thanks to Christine, who has 5 rescue dogs, for sharing her story about one of them, Aurora. Her story illustrates both the worst and best we are capable of as mankind and how love when applied generously can indeed overcome fear and heal.

“This here is Aurora. In November she was dumped in a neighborhood. Instead of a human being a decent human and trying to save her he shot at her multiple times. A friend if mine caught her along with a 6 month old Feral GSD. She found someone to take them in. After three weeks they gave up on them. She contacted me since she herself had to leave Country for three weeks and Luna the feral would be euthanized as she was deemed not adoptable. On December 15th after just recently loosing two seniors I took in Aurora who is pictured here and Luna. Aurora was only a year when I got her and already had a litter of pups. Now as a person who works with working dogs this was all new to me. Today they still have fear issues. They have come a very long way. Of course they understand my Dutch commands over English. We sit, hold paw and we leave frogs and birds. I just hope one day they will both love the love they receive…Every dog deserves a chance.” Thanks Christine for sharing for the #PetStoryProject

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