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Another teachable moment- thanks to this dynamic duo for the parental training.

Thanks to Kristin for sharing this wonderful story about her experience as a pet parent and I think a lot of folks can relate to this special bond and how it prepared your for parenting your son.

"Mac and Sam you were like peanut butter & jelly or macaroni & cheese. A pair. A bonded pair that formed our little family eighteen years ago.

Mac – originally known as Bruiser – you were a handsome, strong-willed “miniature” dachshund that turned out to be not so miniature. While we changed your name, the spirit of your original name was never lost upon us. You were a tank of a dog. All I had wanted for Christmas of 2002 was a puppy. Your Dad bought me a camera instead, so I took it upon myself to find you and bring you into our home. There was a bond formed between you and Bryan (aka Dad) that was never broken. Of course, I wanted you and you wanted your Dad. FYI - The camera turned out to be a great gift because I had tons of pictures to take of you.

Ten months later, determined to have “my” dog, I went on a hunt for a second miniature dachshund. Sam – you were an adorable, red/brown longhaired tiny dachshund puppy. I adored you. You adored me. Your fiery spirit became known overtime but never swayed my love for you.

For years it was the four of us. We had adventures big and small. You went boating, swimming, vacationing at the beach and even snow boarding. Between the two of you, you probably cost us the equivalent of a year of college tuition with you back surgery, paw surgeries, teeth extractions, etc. We got up in the middle of the night with you countless times when you were sick, worked from home for weeks while you were recovering from surgeries and worried about you constantly. Just a taste of parenthood. And while the list of vet bills is long and painful to reflect back on the truth is that I would do it for you two again today.

Over the years, we came to adore your attitudes which has served us well as human parents so far and I am sure will extend well into the teenage years. Dachshunds have an attitude that can’t quite be explained only experienced! So do toddlers.

Sam you became more protective and were very choosy about whom you would allow in the house as you aged. When I found out I was expecting, I began to worry about how you would accept the baby. We sought advice from our Vet to introduce the two of you knowing that getting rid of you due to you not accepting the baby would not be an option given that you were also my baby.

From the moment you met Anders halfway down our third-of-a-mile driveway, you wagged your tail and made us think “have we worried about nothing?” Turns out if you were not guarding your home, you were a different dog entirely. We now know this was resource guarding. Another teachable moment, toddlers do this, too. Thanks for the parental training.

Just as you both came into our family only ten months apart, you left us in a similar fashion. Back to back losses at 18 and 17 years of age has been a tough pill to swallow. It hasn’t quite been a year. The pain is still fresh in my mind.

I am thankful that you both were a part of Anders’ life, too. He calls out your names from time to time in moments of sadness. It both breaks my heart and brings me joy at the same time because he, too, had you to love.

I am so grateful that I chose to incorporate you into our nursery (no surprise here that you were the theme of our nursery) which is now repurposed as a Family Room. We spend all of our free time in this room and as we are living our lives we are reminded of you both. We are enveloped in love in this room, surrounded by a mural of you both living your best lives. Thank you Colleen for a room we will always treasure."


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