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And just like that, a family is complete!

Thanks to Ivy for sharing her funny story about how her rescue dog, "Miss Maggie", joined her family. I love that despite the aspect of chance involved at an adoption event, people always seem to find the perfect addition to their family.

"I posted about Miss Maggie in one of your previous posts. She's a rescue and it went like this: Me- headed to a work conference for the day one Sunday Mike- I think I'll take the kids to church (we are multi-faith and don't 'just' go to church) Me: (reading the paper) Ohhhh-- there's an adoption fair.... Mike: We'll just go look and see what they have Me: Uh Huh-- Remember, we agreed, look for the 1-2 year old that needs a home that no one wanted yet Me- checking my phone messages at lunch and hearing, "Honey? Do we want one puppy or two? Call me!" checks time stamp- 2 hours have passed. Me- on the phone: "How many extra feet are in our house?" Mike- Just 4 tiny ones. LOL." And just like that, a family is complete! #PetStoryProject

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