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National Rescue Dog Day

Tomorrow, May 20th, is National Rescue Dog Day. Please post a picture of your rescue and please share your story...perhaps about who rescued whom? As a part of my Pet Story Project, I will do sketches of some of the entries, so please share! Thanks Jenefer for sharing about her rescue dog, Jasper "our elderly rescue pup. We got him when he was about 4 and he was hell on wheels. He’s an old man now, but he still loves a walk, cuddling up on the couch and most of all TREATS! He was recently diagnosed with a terminal heart condition, so we are enjoying every day we have with him…” Here is a little sketch of Jasper to thank you for rescuing him. I am so very sorry to hear about Jasper's heart condition but I know he is in wonderful hands and you will make sure every one of his days is filled with love. #PetStoryProject

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